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Prescription Services

Staffed with part-time licensed pharmacist, Certified Pharmacy Techs, and volunteers, the Prescription Services program typically distributes short-term medications for acute illnesses or injuries.

While this program is primarily for Community Health Free Clinic patients, uninsured individuals unable to afford the cost of their medications may be able to receive at CHFC with a written prescription.

The medications distributed through this program are a combination of donated samples and purchased stock medications. CHFC does not store or distribute controlled substances including narcotics, depressants and stimulants under Schedule II, III, IV and V of the Drug Enforcement Act

Prescription Services is located in the Clinic.

Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)

For individuals with chronic disease who have long-term medication needs, the Prescription Assistance Program may be able to assist. Part-time staff and volunteers work with patients to apply for and receive medications through Pharmaceutical Company donation programs. As these medications are donated by the companies and not CHFC, patients must meet the qualifications determined by the companies.

The Prescription Assistance Program is located in the Clinic.