What to Expect

Learn about what to expect when you visit the Community Health Free Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

To help us give you the best care, please bring all medications you’re currently taking with you to your visit.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Community Health Free Clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We’re located at 947 14th Avenue SE, across from Bender Pool, close to Metro High School, and right next to Jane Boyd Community House. We have plenty of free parking. And there’s a bus stop about one block from our building.

We provide free care for illnesses and injuries that aren’t emergencies, but need treatment from a doctor or dentist. You can see us for things like toothaches, rashes, sprains, and strains. Even chronic disease management like hypertension and diabetes.

I’m Jamie Henley, chief operation officer for the clinic. I’m going to show you around our clinic and explain what to expect when you visit.

We are a walk-in clinic. That means you don’t need an appointment. Just come during our open hours and check in with one of our friendly front desk volunteers.

We see patients in the order that they arrive. While you wait your turn, you can relax in our waiting area.

If it’s your first appointment, we’ll ask you to fill out a few forms. To help us give you the best care, we’ll ask you to tell us about current health problems, allergies, and medications.

You’ll receive care in one of our six exam rooms. Each exam room has an examination table, a chair, and medical equipment, like blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, otoscopes, and bandages. Exam rooms are cleaned and disinfected between each patient.

First, a nurse will ask you about your symptoms and check your blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. Then, a doctor or provider will come to the room to examine you and provide care.

If your doctor prescribes medication during your visit, you may be able to get it here at the clinic. We can help with many medications, including insulin for diabetes, heart medications, and pain relievers. But there are some medicines we can’t provide. Those include narcotics, or opioids; depressants or stimulants.

Community Health Free Clinic may also be able to help you with your medications if you see a doctor somewhere else who prescribes you something you’re unable to afford at a local pharmacy.

We also have people on staff who are here to help you understand health insurance or find additional medical services in the community. You can meet with Darlene, our CEO, or one of our patient navigators during your visit.

Each year, with the support of community partners and volunteers, we help thousands of Eastern Iowans without health insurance or the ability to pay for the healthcare they need. We welcome you to visit during our open hours when you need basic medical care.